Do you need a copy writer or editor?

The English language is complex. Long sentences, difficult words and sophisticated concepts may be lost on your customers, creating a negative perception of your business.

  • Do your customers really understand the value of the product or service you are offering?
  • Are your website, manuals or other advertising materials full of industry jargon?
  • Do you have difficulty breaking down complex and technical information so that your customers can understand it?

If this describes you or your business, you need my services. 

I use simple, concise language to communicate difficult and technical concepts and ideas so the average person can understand them. I analyze your customer-base and work with subject matter experts to develop and edit content that represents your brand and tells the customer what they want to know. I set you apart from others in your industry with intelligent, professional, and approachable copy.

Learn more about me, or contact me to receive a free one-hour consultation for your first project.